What can Altius Sports Performance do you for you?

Are you an athlete or a team in the Lancashire area?  Do you want to improve your performances whilst reducing the amount of injuries you/your team suffer? Do you want to learn new skills that can improve your health and fitness and make you a stronger, more confident person? Do you have kids and want them to be strong and healthy enough to enjoy their life to the fullest?

If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’, then Altius Sports Performance can help!

Services provided:

  • Bespoke strength and conditioning coaching
  • Season long bespoke training plan
  • Youth focused strength and conditioning coaching
  • Coaching to get back up to competitive standards following injury
  • Functional Movement Screen assessments
  • Athlete fatigue and wellness assessment and monitoring
  • Olympic weight lifting coaching from beginners upwards
  • Running, jumping and landing coaching (avoid rolled ankles and bad knees!)

Contact C.Kirk@Altius-Sports.co.uk to chat about your needs today!